Our Acts

Aerial Hoop

A dramatic and versatile piece of equipment. We have multiple hoop performers, if you would like something a little different we can also offer duo hoop acts - or if you don't have the space for an aerial rig have a look at our lollipop hoop.

Stilt Walkers

A fantastic way to add glamour to any occasion, our stilt walkers can greet your guests, pose for photos or hand out party favors. These acts can be adapted to fit any venue.

Aerial Silks

A classic circus act - when people think of aerialists they often think of graceful, flexible artists on flowing silks..and we have some of the best for you.


Another classic circus skill which offers the chance for a lot characterization. We can provide polished elegant acts, or should you want something lighter we can give you comedy or character pieces.

Lollipop hoop

A fantastic option for venues which don't have a lot of height, or floor space - or a great way to add additional entertainment to your event.

The lollipop hoop allows us to combine a pole and a hoop together giving versitility and lots of spins!  


Our contortionists are happy to mingle with your attendees, pose for photos or put on a stunning act. 

Contortionists can be elegant and graceful, or bend their bodies in creepy and jawdropping ways.  


Hula-Hooping isn't just for children's parties!

Our hoopers can bring lighthearted fun to your event either by standing on stage and manipulating multiple hoops or wandering through the crowd interacting with your guests. 


Rope is a similar art to silks, but while silks tends to be flowy and graceful rope tends to showcase the strength of our artists. 

Our rope artists specialise in showing off power, strength and moves that will make your heart miss a beat.

Loops/ Sling/ Net / Chains

Something a little bit different, unlike some of our other acts these are suitable for lower ceilings as well as larger venues. 

Doubles Acts

Two aerialists lifting each other up! Our pairs will wow you with their flexibility and feats of strength and agility.


Customers have been loving our  duo hoop and trapeze acts, but we can offer duo acts in most of our other skills.

Pole / Aerial Pole

Our lollipop hoop can be switched out for a pole, or if you are having aerial acts we can suspend a pole from our frame. 

Character Work

Clowns, mimes, compares - we have them all. FlyFit Artists has actors of all sorts ready to intrigue and engage with your attendees... or scare and creep out your guests if that's what you are looking for.